Our Services

Routine and Preventative Maintenance

Lark Energy Group operates and provides routine and preventative maintenance and response-based repair for solar energy plants across the United Kingdom. Our operation and maintenance (O&M) contracts are designed to deliver you the best return on investment for your solar farm or other renewable energy plant.

We offer services that cover all aspects of operations and maintenance backed with a performance guarantee for the life of the plant.

Identifying and fixing potential problems before they occur maximises your energy production and profitability. Our monitoring and maintenance services promote the early detection and resolution of technical issues before they have a meaningful impact on the output of your installation. We aim to continuously evaluate and fine-tune every plant component to maximise performance.

Our landscape management services ensure not only that your site remains neat and tidy but also prevent problems such as plant growth shading panels and reducing power output.

In addition, we can ensure that your statutory obligations with respect to issues such as health and safety, environmental protection and grid management are dealt with and recorded as required.