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Lark Energy is developing a large portfolio of fully-funded roof-mounted solar PV installations with a number of landlords in the UK.

If you are registered social landlord (RSL) or local authority, Lark Energy can provide you with free roof-mounted domestic solar photovoltaic (PV) panel installations on your housing stock. Our innovative institutional funding allows us to provide no-cost PV on a greater proportion of landlords’ roofs than previously would have been considered viable through other funding schemes.

Traditionally, only south facing roofs met the qualifying criteria for funding. With our funding scheme we can install on south, east and west facing roofs (subject to survey) allowing us potentially to fit PV on a much larger percentage of a portfolio of properties, making cheaper – or even free – electricity available to more of your tenants.

We offer you a full turnkey package managed from pre-construction right through to completion and commissioning by specialist contractors and dedicated project managers – and then maintenance for the 20 year life of the installation.

We are typically able to provide fully-funded solar PV on over 75 per cent of your housing stock.

We use reputable contractors fitting high quality products and components to provide the reassuring guarantee of a job well done.

Landlords’ benefits include:

  • A reduction in fuel poverty for a higher proportion of your tenants than other schemes.
  • Less likelihood of “Why don’t I get a PV system and free energy?” complaints or enquiries from your tenants.
  • Off balance sheet financing.
  • Fully maintained during 20 year life of the system.
  • Ability for you to buy up to 25 per cent of the completed installations.
  • Fully managed by Lark Energy from pre-construction to completion and beyond. 

There are more details of our full-funded housing PV scheme here


Large scale rooftop solar arrays on agricultural buildings, food processing facilities, distribution centres and other commercial buildings are an efficient way of reducing energy bills. Generating your own power on site delivers direct benefits to your business including:

  • Guaranteed financial returns
  • Maximised commercial potential of premises
  • Reduced energy cost
  • Underpins commercial commitment to sustainability
  • On-site generation of electricity
  • Available at a significant discount to market rates
  • Reduced dependence on national grid
  • Lower risk of disruption in the case of power cuts
  • Further future benefits with on-site energy storage potential