Our Services

Obtaining Funding

There is a range of funding possibilities available to you. These range from meeting all the costs yourself through to schemes involving external finance provided at no cost to you through a lease on the land. We can offer you advice on the best funding options for your project.

Our team has experience in securing finance for both commercial solar roof top installations and solar farms.

We have a flexible approach to working with partners on projects at different stages of development. We can secure your funding at an early stage and then take your project through development and construction or we can work with you to co-develop your projects and introduce a funder at a later stage.

Our highly experienced team will guide you through the most cost-effective options for your renewable energy scheme designed to deliver you an excellent return on investment.

  • Our specialist in-house engineers will design the most efficient system available for your budget.
  • We will always use top tier products with industry-leading warranties*.
  • Our construction team will deliver you a first-class installation to the highest industry standards.
  • Our in-house maintenance team will ensure that your system will operate with optimal efficiency throughout its lifetime.

As part of The Larkfleet Group of Companies, Lark Energy Group can use the parent group’s enviable experience and track record of significant land acquisition to assist you if you are seeking to purchase a site.

*We provide a two year warranty as standard on all renewable energy schemes that we design and build but we also offer a range of extended warranties to suit your needs.