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Biomass heat generating solutions are becoming increasingly popular. Biomass delivers attractive returns on investment. It is relatively simple to integrate biomass in to both new and existing heating infrastructures.

Lark Energy provides fully-funded commercial biomass installations at no cost to the site owner where the site meets certain criteria (see below). We will design, install and maintain these renewable energy systems for 20 years using government funding.

We work with you to find the most efficient and effective solution to meet your specific requirements. We only use efficient high quality boilers which will provide long lasting benefits and savings on your heating costs.

All the capital and maintenance costs are covered by Lark Energy which receives payments through the government-backed Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Initiative (RHI) scheme.

As fossil fuel prices continue to rise many organisations like yours are looking for greener and more cost-effective alternatives. Biomass is regarded as renewable energy because the CO2 released by burning fuel is absorbed by growing new biomass fuel crops. If you want to reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint and deliver cost savings, then a biomass heating system is the best choice.

Biomass fuels, mainly wood pellets, are low cost. Unlike oil or gas where your fuel supply is dependent on just a few suppliers, there are many suppliers of biomass. This ensures fuel will be supplied at competitive rates.

Installing biomass heating means that you can enhance your ‘green credentials’ and take advantage of off balance sheet financing under the RHI scheme and lower costs than conventional fossil fuels.

Biomass boilers are an environmentally sound heating solution. Burning biomass, such as wood pellets or logs, emits the same amount of carbon dioxide as is absorbed while the plants were growing. Biomass is, therefore, classed as carbon-neutral renewable energy. The most common forms of biomass are: wood, wood chippings, wood pellets, straw, miscanthus and other similar plant materials to generate heat via hot water or steam. Biomass boilers range from 20kW through to 20MW+.



Plant material and other waste products can be processed to generate biogas, biodiesel, ethanol or other liquid fuels to burn, thereby generating heat.

Qualifying criteria

If your premises, business or organisation consumes a significant amount of heat then we may be in a position to offer you a free biomass boiler heating system as outlined above.

There are a number of requirements for this to be feasible. You will need to: 

  • Guarantee to use a certain amount of heat from the system each year.
  • Sign a 20 year lease agreement with Lark Energy.
  • Have a suitable location for boiler and fuel storage.
  • Be able to supply annual energy or fuel use data.

If you do not qualify for support under the RHI we can offer you the same high quality biomass systems under a variety of other funding options.

Fuel price data is taken from Biomass Energy Centre www.biomassenergycentre.org.uk. Prices are for guidance only and represent a typical cost per unit of fuel energy for small commercial scale systems. This is not the same as cost per unit of delivered heat, which is subject to the efficiency of the heating system. All prices are prone to variation depending on geographical region, tariff choice, order quantities, etc.