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Monitoring of solar farms

We monitor all our sites remotely from our UK headquarters for performance and security. We back this up with a regional presence ‘on the ground’ of suitably trained local staff in all parts of the country to provide full O&M services for solar farms and other renewable energy plant.

A key feature of O&M services for solar farms is remote monitoring of the installation for purposes of both energy performance management and security.

Maximising the availability of your installation and the performance of its individual components of the photovoltaic (PV) systems ensures that your solar farm is delivering the maximum possible return on investment.

At Lark Energy Group we have sophisticated monitoring capabilities which enables us to observe system performance of solar farms around the country in real time and, if required, despatch locally-based staff to deal with any issues detected.

Problems with vandalism, theft or criminal damage on solar farms are rare but remote monitoring with state-of-the-art camera systems ensures that intruders can be detected swiftly. Police can then be alerted and local security staff despatched, if necessary, to deal with the situation.